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iMatchSkills Doubles the Benefits

Reesers191Nicole Inglett experienced something new in the summer of 2005. Through no fault of her own, Nicole found herself unemployed. When she filed her unemployment claim, Nicole was introduced to iMatchSkills - the state of Oregon's multiple award-winning online job matching system.

Nicole got on the website at http://www.workinginoregon.org/ - put in her skills and got a big surprise.

"It was very exciting to go in and see - look at all these jobs I've been matched to, look at all these opportunities!'"

Nicole applied for and was hired for one of those jobs she saw on iMatchSkills - as a recruiter with the Reser's Fine Foods Company.

As a user of iMatchSkills, Nicole is sold.

"It's very easy to use, very simple and straight forward. Being unemployed - it was the first time I had been in that position. It was difficult to go through that emotional cycle. To see that people need me - that was more meaningful than anything else."

So now instead of looking for work, Nicole looks for people to hire for Reser's. Nicole needed people to fill all kinds of positions: office work, engineers, forklift drivers, production line workers, and others. Now as an employer, the search for a good source of qualified applicants is easy: iMatchSkills.

"Its certainly attractive know that you are tapping into a bank of people who are seeking employment and are motivated. People who are involved in iMatchSkills want to get to work.

"iMatchSkills, being so specific with its skill sets and its qualifications it really helps make a much closer match than we'd be able to do elsewhere."

Job seekers like Nicole Inglett are finding that iMatchSkills is your one-stop recruiting and job finding tool. Spend a few minutes registering and entering your skills - then find the great jobs that are waiting for you at the click of a mouse.

Employers like Nicole Inglett have also learned the power of tapping into the state's largest pool of qualified candidates. Why pay for a service that Oregon employers have already invested in?

Find out for yourself just how powerful a tool iMatchSkills can be for your business!

iMatchSkills is part of the state's workforce system: WorkSource Oregon and was created by the Oregon Employment Department.

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