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Ex-Offender Resources

Look below for a useful list of resources for ex-offenders transitioning back into the workforce. Click on the headings for more information, or visit one of our WorkSource Oregon centers where we have knowledgable staff that can assist you and recommend relevant resources for your situation. Come see us today! WorkSource Oregon Center Locations

Partnership for Safety and Justice

This website provides reports and resources to assist with employment barriers faced by people with a past felony conviction. Find general re-entry resources, as well as access to the Oregon Transition Support Directory, a guide that provides a list of transitional resources in the state of Oregon.

Unicor - Handbooks

Visit this site to access handbooks from the Inmate Transition Branch that assist in the preparation for job searches. These three handbooks include employment information and resources, as well as a mock job fair handbook.

Department of Labor - Reintegration of Ex-Offenders

View this online list of sites and documents that may be useful in learning more about prisoner re-entry programs and how community organizations are active partners in the re-entry process. This information includes other agency efforts and programs, training, and technical assistance opportunities and publications.

The Oregon Reentry Wiki

This site provides information on state and county level services available to ex-offenders who have been released from Oregon Department of Corrections custody. State agencies and local community partners post relevant information, allowing ex-offenders to identify resources available once they return to their home community.

Mercy Corps Northwest: The Reentry Transition Center

This center coordinates reentry services for ex-offenders including immediate needs such as meals, hygiene products, access to phone, email and internet, alcohol and drug assessments and emergency temporary housing; as well as supporting other long-term goals that may include education and vocational training, among others.

Success for Life: Education and Reentry Programs

The LIFE prison reentry program addresses self-employment and microenterprise development after release for women prisoners. This program helps incarcerated women learn important skills for life, business and a successful reentry to the community. LIFE helps women create productive lives after release, and establishes self-sufficiency and economic stability for themselves and their families.

Workshop: Successful Job Search for the Ex-Offender

This workshop from WorkSource Oregon partner, Job Growers, provides ex-offenders with useful job search information including: preparing to answer questions about a conviction, expungement information, and learning how to register in iMatchSkills to get matched to jobs in Oregon.

Workshop: Discover Your Road to Success

This workshop from WorkSource Oregon partner, Southeast Works, provides you with information on how to discuss your background with employers, and covers other skills you will need to succesfully gain employment in a changing and challenging job market. If you are tired of hearing, "no" from employers because you have a criminal background, consider signing up for this workshop. Click on "Calendar" in the main menu to view upcoming times and find contact information.

Workshop: Overcoming a Criminal Background Barrier

This workshop from Goodwill Industries of Lane and South Coast Counties is offered at no-cost. To register, contact Goodwill for a current list of classes and times.

Oregon Employment Department - Tips and Resources for Ex-Offenders

This article from the Oregon Employment Department's Research Division provides some advice for facing the additional challenges associated with looking for work when you have a criminal history.

Oregon Expungement Process

If you are interested in having an arrest or conviction expunged in the state of Oregon, this page provides an overview of the Oregon Expungement Process.

Criminal Records and Getting Back Into the Workforce

A person with a criminal record is going to face greater challenges in getting employment. With that in mind, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides: Six Critical Steps for Ex-offenders Trying to Get Back into the Workforce.

Step Ahead: Career Planning for People with Criminal Convictions

View this online resource from the Minnesota Department of Corrections created to help those with felony convictions and other criminal charges. With this career planning guide, you'll be able to identify your work options, set goals, and learn about training to help you be successful in your job search.

Jails to Jobs

On this website you'll find a step-by-step plan to follow as you carry out your job search. From researching potential employers and writing resumes, to handling interviews and more - it's all here, with advice tailored to the special needs of those recently released from jail and prison.

Good Seed: The Dave's Killer Bread Story

Watch the inspiring story of Dave Dahl, founder of Dave's Killer bread and former ex-con/son of pioneering organic baker, Jim Dahl. Based in Milwaukie, Oregon, Dave's Killer Bread was awarded the 2011 Oregon Ethics in Business Award and Local Hero Award by Edible Portland magazine.

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