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Financial Aid

Oregon’s new grant program for community college, known as Oregon Promise, will begin accepting applications on Nov. 1, 2015. The Oregon Promise provides grants for new high school graduates and GED® recipients who will begin community college classes in the Fall 2016

The tool includes local, regional, state, and national scholarships and grants. Sort and manage results by deadline date and award requirements. Allows you to search through thousands of scholarships in order to locate funding opportunities that fit characteristics.

Search more than 7,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans, and other financial aid opportunities.

Americans with more education and training have more secure jobs and higher earnings. With jobs hard to find, it may be a good time to consider going back to school. The President recently announced that unemployed workers receiving unemployment benefits may qualify for a special hand in paying for education and training. This site will help you get started applying for financial aid and finding education and training.

The Prosperity Planner is a career and financial planning tool that allows you to: Identify the wages you need to earn to be self-sufficient; Develop a budget that covers your basic expenses; and Learn about resources that may help lower expenses. Using the Prosperity Planner, you can also: Test different career and living options; Find out if the career options you’re exploring will help you achieve financial independence; and Make a financial plan to reach your career goals.

Free scholarship search. Each FastWeb user answers a detailed questionnaire about themselves. The site then uses this data to generate a personalized suite of information of scholarships, colleges, internships, jobs, and more. Updated continuously by the company’s research team, FastWeb’s database contains over 1.3 million scholarships worth over $3 billion.

Using the calculator you can look at your overall budget, see the Self Sufficiency Standard cost-of-living approximation for your family type, and learn about resources that can assist you in planning and making progress toward economic self sufficiency.

Video from iGrad the first step in the financial aid process is the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" or "FAFSA". The FAFSA can seem like a very confusing application to complete, but this video lesson will take you through everything you need to know, step-by-step.

Welcome to the Federal Student Aid gateway. This site is your source for free information, guidance and tools for receiving student assistance from the U.S. Department of Education. Whether you are seeking financial aid for yourself, your child or for your student  - you can find tools and information about grants, student loans and scholarships here.

Adult Learner Information. OSAC administers the following programs: Scholarships, the Oregon Opportunity Grant, the Chafee Grant, the Childcare Grant, ASPIRE (Access to Student assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone) as well as smaller funding programs.
2013-14 OSAC Scholarship Catalog

The Guide provides recommended steps for the college enrollment process, helpful tips on filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and key financial aid resources available to better support Hispanics, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and non U.S. citizen students, in their efforts to access a postsecondary education.  Access our Guides in both English and Spanish

Eligible foster youth or former foster youth must access the Tuition and Fee Waiver prior to the age of 25 for a tuition and fee waiver at Oregon’s community colleges and public universities.

Participants enroll, set a goal and begin saving. Once the participant’s goal is reached and all parts of the savings plan are completed, every dollar saved by a participant is matched by the Initiative, typically three dollars for every one dollar saved. Initiative participants may benefit from matched funds to help them purchase a home, fulfill an educational goal, develop and launch a small business, restore a home to habitable condition, or purchase equipment to support employment.

AAUW’s Career Development Grants provide assistance to women who, through additional higher education, technical training, or participation in professional development institutes, are making career changes, seeking to advance in current careers, or reentering the workforce. Primary consideration is given to women of color, women pursuing credentials in nontraditional fields, and women who do not currently hold an advanced degree.

Grants provide support for coursework toward degree programs other than a doctorate or for specialized training in technical or professional fields.

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