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Math Skills

Discovery Education site composed of many math "fill-in-forms" into which you can type the math problem you're working on. Linked to these forms is a powerful set of math-solvers, that can instantly analyze your problem, and when possible, provide you with a step-by-step solution, instantly.

Math And Logic Problems to develop logical reasoning and creative thinking. Practice makes perfect! The website helps students become problem solvers. Features a collection of illustrated challenging math problems for students in grades one through twelve.

Our library of videos to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace. Scroll to the Arithmetic section for the most basic of the math playlists.

  • Developmental Math start pretty basic and would prepare a student for the Algebra I worked examples
  • Developmental Math 2 start at Algebra I and would prepare a student for basic college mathematics.
  • SAT Preparation works through every problem in the College Board "Official SAT Study Guide.

Visit this page for a list of links to math, GED and study skills.

Try this online practice version of the math placement exam to get an idea of your likely mathematics course placement.

Interactive Simulations from the University of Colorado. Requires Flash Player.

Math.com offers assessment, modular courses that target key math concepts, 24/7 live online tutoring, and expert answers to math questions.

The site is bookmarked at the Pre-Algebra complete course of study and you can find more resources by going to the home page and using the search. This site contains a lot of advertisements so be careful where you click.

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