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Career Pathways

You have options. Choose your path.

A Career Pathway is a series of connected education and training programs and student support services that enable individuals to secure a job or advance in a demand industry or occupation.

Oregon's community colleges have roadmaps for dozens of occupations that visually chart the certificates, degrees and skills progression needed to get to entry-level positions and continuing on through career advancement opportunities. More than 350 roadmaps are available through community college websites, and they include occupation and wage information.

Career Pathways are student-centered, demand-driven and proactively adapted for the changing needs of students and employers. With Career Pathways, Oregon's community colleges are developing programs that realign curriculum and provide alternative methods and flexibility so that Oregonians can gain skills and advance in the labor market more quickly.

Oregonians can get on the fast track to higher learning and higher earning with Career Pathways. They can achieve:

  • Faster attainment of skills and pay in high-demand occupations
  • Expedited professional and technical certificates and degrees.

If you are interested in jump-starting your career, or advancing the career you already have, begin today and click below:

For roadmaps of seven "green occupations" including community college and apprenticeship programs available statewide, visit: www.oregongreenpathways.org

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