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Chipotle Grill - "WorkSource is now my first Source!"

chipotle_textOn any given day there is a restaurant in Beaverton that is packed to the gills with happy, full customers. Chipotle (pronounced chi-pohlt'-lay) Mexican Grill started in Denver, Colorado, but has quickly caught on in the Beaver state. Chipotle features amazing burrito "artists" that assemble a tasty Mexican treat to order in only moments.
Finding and hiring those "burrito artists" takes time and for manager Jeremy Weber it was time he didn't have. Jeremy used to use Craig's List, and the Oregonian, but he recently made a switch from paying for ads to using WorkSource Oregon.
"Now my first source is WorkSource," says Jeremy.
Jeremy felt obligated to interview all the candidates that he got through his advertising - but many or most of those candidates were clearly not qualified for the job. Now Jeremy uses iMatchSkills to find the most qualified candidates every time.
"That takes a lot of pressure off of me."
WorkSource Oregon  Business Representative Lonnie Martinez introduced Jeremy to iMatchSkills, which is a unique application that matches job seeker's skills to employer's openings. iMatchSkills found 12 candidates that matched Jeremy's needs he loved them all.
"I like the fact that the representatives are very thorough. They are there for you when you need them. They follow up on people that you've hired. Or the ones they've sent for you to interview. The simple fact that they screen first is just awesome, because then I don't have people beating down my door."
Now Jeremy plans to use iMatchSkills to help fill positions at several other Chipotle Mexican Grill locations opening in the Portland area. He loves it so much that he's recommending WorkSource Oregon and iMatchSkills  to other employers who want a cost-effective way to find qualified candidates.
iMatchSkills comes pre-paid through employer payroll taxes and costs job seekers and employers nothing to use. It's simple, available 24/7, and flexible. Why not put a little artistry into the makings of your next opening by using iMatchSkills  or call one of our Business Representatives like Lonnie Martinez who can provide custom solutions to your workforce needs.

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